I think Cassadee Pope takes it all in Season 3 of “The Voice”

“Cry” (Faith Hill Cover), Cassadee Pope (Live on “The Voice”, 12-17-2012)


Instead of going to watch Cassadee Pope perform live tonight at The Voice‘s live finale performances, I get to ditch my 3 free tickets and eat grandma food because of my gum surgery…

But, that doesn’t stop me! I swear, I thought Cassadee couldn’t prove herself any better as a deserving contestant and winner of The Voice, but tonight’s performance of Faith Hill’s “Cry” was just that cherry-on-top of a great season for her… This finishing moment for her evoked everything she is as a person and individual at this point in her life, and the way the show finished tonight just highlighted her impact this season. She’s really gone through a journey this season, from finding the confidence she needed away from her lack-luster time in punk band Hey Monday, to rekindling and confronting battles and relationships from her past that lies at the heart of who she is, and receiving the immense support for this girl-next-door from her greatest family and friends. She’s the first girl in all of The Voice history to have really made this strong of an impact–and she truly embodies what The Voice winner should be. Humility. Grace. Angst. Emotion. The ability to tell a story…


And, if I must, her performance of “Steve McQueen” with Coach Blake Shelton was the cutest thing I have ever seen–period–on the whole run of The Voice. It was like watching father-and-daughter perform up there…and that’s exactly what they’ve been to each other in this crazy industry we call music. I can’t help but gush.

Whoever does win tomorrow night, this is the first season it’s all a tough call–and all 3 really do deserve the title. If anything, like the wise Xtina wisely said prior in the season, this show really is the training ground for the ride to come. It really hones in on your talent and skill and puts you up front and center of America to see if you’ve got what it takes for the world of music and entertainment to love you. Each of these contestants have equally shown they’ve got what it takes.


But, if anything, Terry’s got what it takes to keep classic rock contemporary. Nicholas has what it takes to keep the real soul music alive. And Cassadee’s got the most relevant taste here, with her youth and age and beauty and relevance in this industry…and her versatility from country to pop and rock band-girl… Whatever the case, they’ll all go far from here, so I’m not gonna complain. Let’s just see where the votes take them all, and who The Voice decides to crown.


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