I’m Missing Mandy Moore like “Candy”!

Mandy Moore – Candy (Live 6-15-2009)

This is why I love Mandy Moore. Even though she’s embarrassed by her early work, she’s not ashamed to make fun of it a bit, knowing the level of her success back then and still pays tribute to it with her own touch. And her personality is just too infectious!

If only she would get back on the music wagon and play a couple shows again. She’s been a major influence and role model throughout my life growing up, that meeting her would really be the cherry on top!

This song still has that bubblegum-poppy catchiness that we’re familiar with infused with her more mature angsty sound, accompanied by “Amanda Leigh” album producer Mike Viola. She’s still got her pipes, and at only 25 here? Mrs. Adams’ still got a great future ahead of her! #nostalgia

I would buy this version of the single today, would you?!


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