Remembering “11” and Growing up without a Father with Cassadee Pope (and Happy 24th!)

Cassadee Pope – 11

Just last night, Cassadee Pope released her third single “11” off of her upcoming album Frame By Frame, due October 8th. She’s written that this song is very close to her heart and is something very raw and genuine from her.

This song particularly hits a soft spot for me (as well as the thousands of others whose support and relation to this song have voiced their opinions). Growing up without a father in my own life and having a single mom has definitely shaped me and my own family’s upbringing into the world. It’s bittersweet to hear something so honest reminding you of your own life.

Also, today is Cassadee’s 24th birthday and what better way to ring in her 24th year and end her life-changing 23rd than putting out a song and video paying tribute to the one event in her life that helped audiences not only get to know her better on The Voice, but also help her push to become the talented songstress and musician she is today?

This video is entirely nostalgic and an incredible life-trip as it takes us back into Cassadee’s home and family, featuring videos of her singing at local talent shows and school productions, to her starting up her pop-punk career and making her into the person she is today. We even get a tidbit into 8-year-old Cassadee and her hopes for the future.

In an interview with PEOPLE, she reflects, “The hardest part about going through that was my age. I remember everything so clearly. I remember all the good things as well … But I also remember when it went really bad, really fast, and I almost wish I was too young to remember.”

But, like any good songwriter, there’s a message of hope beaming through this song. “My goal wasn’t to bash anyone or have it be a negative song. I just wanted people to see that you can come out on top and learn from this instead of letting it affect you in a negative way.”

This song is absolutely beautiful and very raw. One thing that Cassadee has said about her being on a country label is the freedom she feels in the creative and songwriting process–something she greatly lacked in the pop world and being in a band. For once, we get to see Cassadee as she truly is–no gimmicks and whatnot–and with “11,” she’s hit something personal here.

These lyrics particularly resonate with me, so listen on, Cassettes!

“We moved into a smaller house
How mama did it oh I don’t know how
Never went to bed without eating

At 13 I finally realized
What it means to get on with your life
But daddy sure did and he made it look easy

Mama did her best to hide the struggle
And I did my best to stay out of trouble”

I’m curious how this song resonates with you, and if you’ve any thoughts for the song, video, or even me… I was only 4 and barely cognizant when my family lost our father, yet the effects seem to resonate throughout my life’s upbringing–even if I never really knew what it was like to have a father.

Happy listening and happy Wednesday in August. 🙂

Also, she’ll be spending her birthday performing her single, “Wasting All These Tears” on America’s Got Talent tonight. Check it out with me and let’s share thoughts!!!


3 responses to “Remembering “11” and Growing up without a Father with Cassadee Pope (and Happy 24th!)

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  2. Hi! Cassadee……

    I found inspiration in a young woman today….. Autumn Rose Bailey.
    She heard your song “11” last year and has been working through emotion because of Divorce. She has started making better choices and getting stronger.

    Today She Stood Up to Her Father!…….even had a one-on-one meeting with him to express her feelings………everyone that knew was stressed to the Max worrying about her………. she was strong!

    I wanted to pass this along too…… Her Grandmother is grateful you made the song “11” and that it has helped in part for Autumn to make changes. …….she sends her blessing

    Hope this finds you and inspires you to continue your music

    Big Supporter

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