‘Glee’ brings heart and light to all in tribute episode to Finn/Cory Monteith, “The Quarterback”

Glee – “Make You Feel My Love” (From S5E3 “The Quarterback”)
(Performed by Lea Michele/Rachel Berry)

It’s often hard to find the heart in a lot of mainstream stuff going on today but, this very very stripped down version of Bob Dylan’s “Make You Feel My Love” was so heartfelt, you can feel Lea choking as she tries to get through the song.

It was said that every scene throughout filming this episode was done on the first take, simply because it was too emotional to handle as cast and crew would run off, taking extended breaks to cool off.

You can see how every emotion was as real and raw as it could get within the episode. From all of the anger to sadness to tears, it was all genuine.

It’s hard to realize what true talent can exist in something as seemingly candy-coated as Glee, as week after week I’m awestruck by the talent possessed by all these kids.

No words need be said how perfect this song is. Or how fitting this tribute episode is to Finn (minus the lack of Quinn/Dianna Agron).

So, I hate to admit it, but thank you Glee for shining light on matters such as this, and for being such a strong and positive uplift for so many kids, teenagers, adults, and all alike who you move throughout your music, characters, and show. You really can bring something special to us all.

Thank you.


2 responses to “‘Glee’ brings heart and light to all in tribute episode to Finn/Cory Monteith, “The Quarterback”

    • Yes, I did! I admit I didn’t cry because maybe I didn’t exactly watch until 4th season (and have only seen a few of the first), but, I was definitely feeling something. Ugh, absolutely beautiful tribute and episode and music… Can take your breath away sometimes.

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