Kate Earl in the streets as a “One Woman Army” (Live & Acoustic in Downtown Orlando)

Kate Earl – One Woman Army (Acoustic) (April 21, 2013, Downtown Orlando)

My goodness. Why have I not seen this sooner?!

Sometimes, it’s the little things that can remind you of an old dream, or vision, or belief, or moment of self…

Within the past year, I’ve been falling more and more in love with Kate Earl. I admit I wish I had known about her sooner, but her coming into my life now, in college, after a tween-and-teenage-hood looking up to Meg & Dia and growing with, and from, them as a people and as a band, Kate Earl, as a woman who has gone through more in her life, remains a fresh reminder that I can still go for what I want.

Kate Earl is a half-Filipina who grew up in Alaska. That thought intrigues me and I would love the chance to get to know her more (our kin and blood finds strength in each other, ya?), but, there is something so charmingly raw, organic, upbeat and flawless within this performance.

It reminds me of a high-school night. Cold on campus. Football arena-lights lighting up the stadium. Dim hallway lights. Me and a friend. Guitar in hand. Playing music because we loved it.

Being a musician is a lifestyle. It’d be my dream to be able to make and play music like this just outta my butt.

Videos like this remind me that we all–living in extreme or scant amounts of success, recognition, or love–are all one and the same. Whether playing in an arena or on the streets at midnight, you’re still doing what you’re doing. Because you love it. Because you’re burnt out. And when you’re doing what you love, we all appreciate recognition of our hard works and talent. Intimate or not, seen or unseen.

Thank you for reminding me of the music I dream to make and the characteristics I feel a kinship to. I appreciate you doing you. It helps me find faith in me.


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