How I met Tyler Hoechlin, Derek Hale of MTV’s “Teen Wolf”


This is Tyler Hoechlin. Have you seen him in MTV‘s Teen Wolf? Well, out of all of the “celebrities” I’ve met over the years, he has got to be one of the most charming and friendliest people I have met. Opening the door, introducing me to his brother, and even holding up the “Zot” sign for his UCI pride… I’m glad to have found myself meeting and eating some sushi with this man tonight. He was super nice and such a gentleman, I couldn’t quite believe this was happening!

I guess I was at the right place at the right time. 😉


It all began with my being in Santa Monica on a Sunday night at 10:30pm. After some adventuring, I needed some feeding to my belly. After being denied some locations due to their not serving food anymore at that hour, a bartender at one spot had recommended me and a friend to this sushi bar. Luckily, it was happy hour until closing.

Then came the moment I sat down at my seat, looked up and saw that distinct face appear out of the bathroom to sit back down with two friends.

I immediately recognized that face. I gushed to my friend and Googled his name.

I knew I would regret not approaching him (and perhaps my several encounters with artists have trained me), and I thought of ways to approach him.

Mind you, approaching people in restaurants while eating is the worst! First off, they are enjoying their own sweet time with friends. Second, it would be a little out of place asking for a picture while they are sitting down. Rude!

Also, I do my best to treat any artist as a human being and–if I love them that much–want to make myself stand out among the others. Whether it be something I bring up, an interest I talk about, somehow relating to them, or even just being a nice and courteous conversation-maker… It’s about putting yourself out there while being completely “cool.” (Ha, did I really just say that? Me? Cool!?)

Luckily, the restaurant was closing and the waiters had handed out the checks to the remaining tables. We all were leaving at the same time and, as he stood up, I stood up as well and ventured to the exit. As he charmingly said hi to the waiters/waitresses as if he were a regular, saying, “Of course I’d be back!” I stayed a bit behind and as he exited, I followed him out as he opened the door for me.

“Thank you.”

He smiled.

“Aren’t you..” I took a moment to seem as if I was recalling his name, “Tyler…?”

He smiled and said yes. I introduced myself to him. Noted what I knew him from. Then he introduced himself to me. And one thing led to another. He started a conversation with me, asking, “So what are you doing here in town? What are you doing tonight?” I said I was from Irvine, just here in town. He introduced me to his brother. And he respectfully introduced himself to my friend. He gushed about Irvine and Newport Beach–where his brother currently lives. He said that it’s a lot better down there than here as he lives there and is only there for work. He said he went to ASU and then UCI to play baseball for 2 years. He insisted on taking “Zot” picture with me (which I have, but am a bit embarrassed by). And, if I weren’t so tired and out of it and had more energy to talk to him, I would have done so, but… I let the conversation die and end.

But, what came from it was a feeling of surprise of how sweet and willing to engage in conversation he was with me! He was an absolute charmer and gentleman. I could just tell by the way he was behaving and reacting to everyone around him.

Out of all of my–sometimes, and at first, awkward–celebrity encounters, he had to be one of the sweetest. I never even really liked him/had a crush on him before… But, after meeting him, I can definitely see his charm. That says something. :’)


2 responses to “How I met Tyler Hoechlin, Derek Hale of MTV’s “Teen Wolf”

    • Its always been my dream to meet him. He had made such an imlact on my life and has Given me the strength to move forward and fufill my dream as an actress. I am working toward that

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