On Growing Up with a Gnarls Barkley Cover of “Crazy” by Ayana Giann & Rachel Ann

“The people who are meant to be in your life will always gravitate back toward you, no matter how far they wander.”

Gnarls Barkley – Crazy (Cover by Ayana Giann Carlos & Rachel Ann Cauilan)

It’s such a strange and special feeling to realize that no matter how far you may drift off–doing the things you love and being your own person–there are those certain people who always remain.

Whether it be a mother or brother, a friend or classmate, there’s something quite different when it’s someone you’ve lived a great deal of your life right next to, traveling on different paths but always meeting again; when it’s someone who has ideals and dreams and passions as great as yours that no one else can really quite understand.

When you grow up feeling rather different and apart, always seeking more than finding comfort in the present, it can be difficult to appreciate what’s right in front of you. But, as I have come to realize over the years with age, there’s no real joy than in experiencing moments in the present–making those dreams you envision for yourself a part of your reality.

As any artist can relate, there’s a particular joy in expressing yourself in a medium that allows you feel most like you–moments that take you higher than reality.

“I remember when
I remember, I remember when I lost my mind

There was something so pleasant about that place”

Wherever you find yourself in life, you are the first and only one who can decide to make a move to change it or stay with it. Taking a step back to embrace the youth and innocence and recklessness you can have with your age is a gift in itself.

Allow yourself to go crazy. And remember that as people come and go all the time, so do the moments. Nothing can stay relevant forever, but what you make of it can.



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