Dia Frampton has fun getting “Money Back” in H&R Block video

Dia Frampton – “Money Back” [Promotional Video for H&R Block]

Well, this is a cute little shindig Dia did.

As a promotional video for H&R Block entitled Billion Back Records, Dia plays around and dances with other office-mates as she sings about getting money back from friends. It’s a folky-pop turned Disney-ballad, with cheesy movements and dance moves that absolutely fits Dia’s silliness perfectly. (And what a surprise to see how fitting Dia’s voice fits the whole cheesy Disney musical sort of thing.)

This made for an absolute, “What” moment, with a couple chuckles along the way. Oh how Dia and this song make taxes sound and seem lovelier than it should be!

This was absolutely adorable. And the best part is Mike Kaminsky’s stint in the beginning.


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