My “Lost Stars” from “Begin Again” Acoustic Guitar Instrumental Cover + Chords + Tutorial

Because I’ve been able to spend some time away from this song and really capture the right chords and spirit (as inspired by Adam Levine’s version).

But, it’s strange how, over time, you begin to really get to know yourself and what moves you and what feels right to you. As my interests seem to always drift and fleet–as one day I want to be playing music for the rest of my life, to the other my wanting to write a screenplay, to my wanting to constantly perform and write and connect with individuals–it seems that, at the very heart of it all, writing is what feels right and music is what nourishes me.

So here I am doing what feels most right to me.

I’d love to know what moves you, so please share some stories, passions, or even weird interests of yours. And I won’t judge you if you have a weird fascination with everything 80’s (I myself am victim to it).

Keep in touch. Keep doing what moves your soul. Stay true to you. Do you. And love you.

Teach yourself the song with these chords:


Pre-Chorus: “Take my hand…”
F – Em / F – Em / F – Em / F – G

Chorus: “And God, tell us the reason…”
F – C / F – C / F – Em / D – D – Dm – F – G

Bridge #1: “I thought I saw you out there crying…”
F – C / F – C / F – C … G

Bridge #2 w/ Outro: “I thought I saw you out there crying…”
F – C / F – C / F – C … D – D – Dm – F – G … D – D – Dm – F – G … C (single strum)

Enjoy, and say hi sometime!

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And feel free to peruse my review of the soundtrack to the film here.


14 responses to “My “Lost Stars” from “Begin Again” Acoustic Guitar Instrumental Cover + Chords + Tutorial

  1. Hey , that was an amazing cover of “lost stars” . 🙂
    Could you please share the strumming pattern as Im trying to learn this song .

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    • From the verse, I believe I am playing:
      Down / Down / Up-Down-Up / In-between strum (Up-down-up) + Repeat

      Let me know if that helps! If not I can definitely try recording a video explaining if that’d be more helpful!

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