“No One Else Like You” (Adam Levine/”Begin Again” Cover)

When Begin Again came out in theaters summer 2014, I was obsessed.

The music lover in me couldn’t get the simple joy and pleasure of music the movie emitted out of my head. Those feel-good tunes spearheaded by feel-good songwriter Gregg Alexander (New Radicals, who also wrote that infectious Santana and Michelle Branch hit “The Game Of Love”) kept me reeling for months. I blasted the soundtrack in my car while I drove my roommates around during my senior year of college; I raved about the movie online and bought the DVD, CD and hung up the poster on my wall; I even made sure I covered “Lost Stars” and to this day, remains my most-viewed video (I have to thank early limited releases of films for that).

Is everything just right
Don’t want you thinking that I’m in a hurry
I won’t stay afraid
I have this vision and it’s got me worried

‘Cause everyone wants someone
That’s one cliché that’s true
The sad truth’s I want no one
Unless that someone’s you

Levine’s “No One Else Like You” is actually one of the other songs from the soundtrack that stuck with me the most — and mainly because of its lyrics. The simple, plainspoken words affirming one’s feelings for someone and wanting that someone, and acknowledging that “everyone wants someone / that’s one cliché that’s true” (a statement that I strongly and wholeheartedly have always agreed with), the song is infectious.

I recorded this one on Valentine’s Day. In the park. Under the sun. With a happy, heavy and grateful heart. Even if singing is not my forté, I hope you enjoy.

Hope all your hearts are happy and well, and that you take the time to not only recognize the love you have around you, within you, and in you — but also the love you have to give, as well. Have a happy Valentine’s and President’s Day weekend loves. Keep your love light and hearts full. 🌹

With love and honesty,



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