My “Crazy On You” new and hopefully improved Heart (Nancy Wilson) cover

Out of pure, crazy love for this thing, I am once again attempt Heart’s “Crazy On You” after some years. Nancy Wilson is a guitar goddess and I wish I could play even just half as well as her.

Cheers to this wonderful, awesome and rocking tune and to one of the best classic rock (and still rocking) bands out there.

Leave some love and let’s start a conversation. Requests and suggestions are taken graciously. As a guitar lover seeking some new and compelling material, let me know if you’ve any suggestions or even some tutorials you’d like to have me do. I’d love to help out and share the music!

Me-Guitar-Crazy-On-You-Screen Shot 2014-07-28 at 2.07.05 AM

Please excuse my disgruntled face throughout the video.


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