I think I may be addicted to work.

I spent an entire year on board to produce a show and used that momentum to keep going to concerts and establishing relationships, interviewing, learning the art of screenwriting for the summer, all while trying to consistently learn tricky songs on the guitar…

My mind always needs to be fixated and focused on something for me to feel both productive and like myself.

Now that I feel the end of my summer classes and my official entrance into my two-month summer bliss, a part of me still wants and feels and needs to be working.

It’s almost like I’m addicted to learning and growing and perfecting my craft. I’m always trying to better myself, even if it seems my interests are all over the place.

But, is that the artist’s dissatisfaction?

The lonely life breeds art. And it’s not that you feel alone. But rather than living the ordinary life everyone else seems to be living, you see the allure in something else. In another kind of lifestyle.

You’re physically present but mentally elsewhere, as someone once said. Always.

It’s the art of escapism. You like to escape through your art; through stories; through people; through experiences.

And when you have those rare moments to physically create something of yourself with your voice and your message, that’s when you become the artist you really are.

You’re allowing others to escape through you for once.


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