Rumours: Ultimate Fleetwood Mac Tribute Show (Live at The Hangar, OC Fair, 8-1-2014)

Rumours: Ultimate Fleetwood Mac Tribute Show
Live @ The Hangar, OC Fair, Costa Mesa, CA
Friday, August 1, 2014

Setlist (does NOT include every song played in their set):
0:00 – The Chain
1:17 – You Make Loving Fun
1:53 – Dreams
3:23 – Say That You Love Me
3:45 – Gypsy
4:35 – Landslide
5:04 – World Turning (?) [Musical Break/Transition]
5:20 – Gold Dust Woman
6:09 – Big Love
6:34 – [Chatter by Mick & Lindsey]
6:56 – Edge Of Seventeen
7:40 – I Don’t Want To Know
7:57 – Everywhere
8:28 – Little Lies
8:50 – Don’t Stop (Yesterday’s Gone)
9:06 – Rhiannon (Will You Ever Win)
10:20 – [Drum Solo by Mick]
10:38 – Go Your Own Way

Oh. My. Gosh. This show was a whole lot of fun.

Timeless. Nostalgic. Magical. The music of Fleetwood Mac really is legendary. Their music has become the soundtrack to many people’s lives; they’ve influenced many musicians–big or small–today; and, their music is the kind that can stir your heart or build up your angst. (Am I the only one who gets sappy at “Landslide”?) There is a genuine sincerity in their music and their songwriting reveals a lot of inner turmoil and reflection. And, just because I can’t see the real Stevie Nicks/Christine McVie/Lindsey Buckingham (legendary songwriting trio), doesn’t mean I was going to let myself miss this tribute band perform these classic FM songs in the spirit of FM themselves–with all the 70s/80s get-ups, hairdos and long, flow-y dresses.

A tribute band with all the look and feel–but maybe not quite the spirit of Fleetwood–they still did Fleetwood justice. They’ve even got a knack for emulating their personas, behaviors and voices (which I can only say makes them a band who truly honors the music of FM and strives to be as authentic as possible).

It was a fun show, even if I was alone surrounded by a gazillion old geezers (and some creeps later in the night). These are some of the greatest tunes and songwriters out there. Really. Nothing can take me away from the chance to get lost to the music Fleetwood Mac.

While I was waiting for “Rhiannon” to play all night, “Dreams” proved a nostalgic hitter, “Gypsy” sounded lovelier live, “Gold Dust Woman” was messed up which was a bit sad, and “Edge of Seventeen” was to no surprise a thrill. Christine’s songs were feel-good and lovely, why does no one ever remember her?! Have a go at the video and take yourself back in time (if just for a moment).


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