An introverted call to action: Susan Cain at TED2012

This has always been one of my favorite talks. Both empowering and insightful, it’s all about having faith in the introvert.

As a self-identified introvert myself (and being quite proud of it), I’ve always prided myself on my ability to see and think about the things people rarely discuss–the deeper, more meaningful and valuable things in life. When all our lives become a distraction, the quietude within your heart allows you to know yourself better to better behave in the real world.

As Susan Cain had spoken about the ability for introverts and extroverts to find what stimulates them and to use that to the best of their abilities, I’ve always had faith in my creativity–word, music, mind, conversation–and it allows us to become better citizens and individuals on this planet. Creative energy and power is a wonderful thing. Harness it and open your suitcase. But remember to heed to the individuals around you and harness it for good–not gratification.

View Susan Cain’s talk or read an in-depth overview below.

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Photo: James Duncan Davidson

Susan Cain, the author of Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking, is an introvert. So as she gets up to present from the TED2012 stage, bag in hand, it is not a comfortable experience. But it’s an important one, and that’s the point.

Her family grew up reading — they would read together and bring books on trips. That’s how they were social. She tells a story of going to camp at age 9. Her mother packed her a bag full of books to read quietly, the normal thing her family did on vacation, thinking camp would be the same, “I had a vision of ten girls sitting in a cabin reading books in their matching night-gowns.” But when she got to “Camp Rowdie” (as they spelled it), she was ridiculed the first time she read her book, for not…

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