My “Daughters” by John Mayer Cover on the Electric Guitar

Once upon a time, many years ago, a young and hopeful teenage girl sat in this room alone falling in love with the moodiness of John Mayer’s Heavier Things album. Deciding to pay homage to one of the first songs she ever learned, she seeks to play it how it should have always been played when she first covered it–on an electric guitar.

Using one of the first guitars (my brother’s electric) that she begged her brother to teach her how to play guitar on, she hopes this cover of “Daughters” will do the song its justice.

As the holidays are a great time for returning home, coming back together, returning to your roots and celebrating all that the year has given you, I hope that you look back on the year with gratitude, for every up and down is an opportunity for growth and renewal. 2014 has been a blessed year, so I hope we all can look into the holidays and new year with love and excitement!

Keep in touch, always feel blessed, and always find the love in all that you do.

Instagram: @rachelcansea
Twitter: @rachelannc


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