Self-Portraits by Kevyn Ikemoto

I’ve never really had a drawing done of myself, and one of my Instagram friends whose art I deeply admire and love was kind enough to try his hand and sketch these drawings out for me one weekend. From his toothy angst, attitude, sexuality and solitude felt in his work, supporting and connecting with artists as an artist never felt so good.

You should show him some of your love in the comments below or contact him yourself!

View his Instagram at @ahand_unsteady
And his WordPress (which I pushed him to create) at


7 responses to “Self-Portraits by Kevyn Ikemoto

  1. You depict my drawings with so much character when you write… I am glad I have you to introduce me to the world! Im create another website so stay tuned 🙂

    • I was just about to tell you–I feel like your art would work better on a nicer platform, like tumblr. And, considering the amount of reblogs and likes tumblr spreads around like wildfire, you would DEFINITELY be able to get an audience there! 🙂

      • Yea, You hyped me up so i just picked this on an impulse haha. I am trying out a couple of different sites and tumblr sounds like a good one. Thanks for the tips!

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