Ayana Giann & I cover Meg & Dia’s “Cardigan Weather” (for Old Time’s Sake)

Ayana Giann and I, 8/21/2014.

Ayana Giann and I, 8/21/2014.

This was recorded earlier this past summer, before I cut my hair and we were able to knock out three covers in one day.

“Cardigan Weather” is probably one of those special songs that first brought us together in high school. As a 13-year-old-girl, Meg & Dia was one of my prominent influences in music and in life; when we were fresh(wo)men back in 2007, she said she knew this song; and I said I could play it.

We’ve become best friends ever since.

While she’s home in NorCal and I’ve gone off to SoCal, this is from @ayanagiann and @rachelannc to you, with love. xo


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