Let’s Play Some Music (Feat. My Fishman Loudbox Artist Amp)

I’ve been itching to record a new video cover, revamping an old tune with my new Fishman Loudbox Artist acoustic guitar amplifier. The beginning towards 2015 has been a strange one, but it’s time I get back into recording if this overwhelming feeling still takes over me all these years.

This is the definition of procrastination, featuring my new Fishman Loudbox Artist amp played to Tristan Prettyman and Jason Mraz’s groovy “Shy That Way” tune on my new iPhone 6. This is a raw, random video take that is not practiced at all–excuse the slip-ups and head-bobs.

I’d love to hear how you are doing and approaching 2015 as well. Thanks for reading along on my journey towards growing up. I’ve been lacking the inspiration for new songs to learn, so if you’ve any suggestions, please send them along my way! I’d appreciate it.

Love and blessings. Happy MLK day. Motivate, Anger, and Empower yourself.


2 responses to “Let’s Play Some Music (Feat. My Fishman Loudbox Artist Amp)

  1. Hahaha You seem so pleased with your new amp! it does sound really nice too. i think “black mountain side” by led zeppelin would be fun to learn with your new set up. it seems pretty tough but it sounds really cool 🙂
    I remember criticizing your timing without knowing how difficult it was to record multiple tracks so I thought it would be fair to try it myself. Garageband lets you really cheat and still i can’t quite get anything perfect. without all that editing, my sense of rhythm is hopeless.

    ^hope it doesn’t sound too strange but let me know if it does!

    • Woah. Why did I see your comment just now? Did you make this track? Is that you on the layered tracks and singing? This sounds so cool, I love it! Wow, we have to jam yo!

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