Me Grooving to “Sara Smile” (Hall & Oates Cover)

A couple of months ago, I was able to see this song performed live by the two greats themselves–Daryl Hall and John Oates! Tonight, I plugged my acoustic into my new amplifier and learned / grooved to this song in one simple take.

If I have learned any thing when it comes to living life happily, it is to always keep your love alive… Because doing so will make Rachel Smile. 😉

I’d love to hear any of your thoughts, critiques, or if you’ve any song suggestions. As I am into my last year of college, I have found that it becomes a little disheartening to know that you find yourself feeling a lack of inspiration for new songs and material. But, I find that if I always find myself coming back to this, I suppose it is telling me something…

Keep in touch. Spread the goodness and love in your heart. Even in this crazy world we live in.


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