Postmodern Jukebox Takes Pop Back in Time, Live at the Segerstrom (1-23-2015)

Postmodern Jukebox live at the Renee & Henry Segerstrom Concert Hall, Costa Mesa, CA. 1/23/2015.

Postmodern Jukebox live at the Renee & Henry Segerstrom Concert Hall, Costa Mesa, CA. 1/23/2015.

Place yourself in the 1940’s. A time period where flapper dresses and cabaret singers were a thing. Women seduced with their discreet sexuality. Men flung their money around while big bands, full of rolling drums and swanky horns filled music halls. Now, imagine pop songs playing through that vintage jukebox. You hear the grit; you get the raspiness; the lack of auto tune; and you hear real people’s voices coming out of the box.

These are pop songs taken back in time to get some old-timey love.

Renee & Henry Segerstrom Concert Hall. Costa Mesa, CA. 1/23/2015.

Renee & Henry Segerstrom Concert Hall. Costa Mesa, CA. 1/23/2015.

Postmodern Jukebox, a project heralded by brilliant music composer, writer and piano man himself Scott Bradlee, brought “vintage” back to the very aesthetically-gorgeous Segerstrom Center For The Performing Arts in Costa Mesa this past Friday night.

Having become viral on YouTube within the past two years with reinventions of popular radio hits (not your average cover song), Bradlee has been able to set him and his Postmodern Jukebox apart from the rest of the Internet world (and in this day and age, that is such a remarkable feat).

A band full of talented musicians and singers that constantly rotate, Bradlee provides unknown talents a space to show their gifts–and own it. The beautiful Renee & Henry Segerstrom Concert Hall allowed them to fill up the almost sold-out crowd with all their old-timey cabaret-like hair-standing big band performances.

From original renditions/transformations of “Blank Space,” “Radioactive,” “I Want It That Way,” “Careless Whisper” and “Call Me Maybe,” the Jukebox produced an entertaining night and theater-like production full of flapper-girl performances by the LA Follies (choreographed throughout), entertaining radio-show sponsor messages by a versatile beat-boxing, songbird-y host, and a seemingly high-off-of-life crazy energetic tambourine man (the “Tambourine Guy,” also known as Tim Kubart). Embracing true humility and musicianship, this group of talented musicians let their music shine and natural charisma run throughout, which is quite a humbling feat to witness.

Postmodern Jukebox does it for the art; for the pure love of it. Their natural theater presence, crazy sultry sensual sweet-talking and powerhouse vocals were absolutely chilling. And I wonder how so many other stars out there manage to make millions when they can’t even pull off such a versatile, solid performance as Postmodern Jukebox was able to do.

An entertaining and fun night for sure in such a gorgeous venue. Major props, Jukebox. And such a humble group of people, who were willing to sign CDs and merchandise directly after the show while taking many selfies with all those in attendance.

Haters gon’ hate, but I like the way you work it, Postmodern. Shake it off and continue to swing from your chandelier. I’ll see you in the jukebox, next time!

View my videos from the night below (with “No Diggity”‘s utter sultry, entertaining humor and “Chandelier”‘s chilling, off-the-charts, performance of the night being my favorites).

Show some love (and power of the Internet) to Postmodern Jukebox by visiting their website ( or viewing their latest videos on YouTube (


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