The Beast of Burden: The Story Behind Meg & Dia Frampton

Last fall quarter, I took my first Literary Journalism workshop here at UC Irvine. It was required of us to seek out a long-form narrative story (in just ten weeks) and, one day it dawned on me about the story of these two small-town girls from Utah who plunged into a life pursuing their passions within music.

Having been a fan since I was 13-years-old (I am now 21), it only felt natural to seek out this story. I’ve been following and watching their careers since 2006, feeling as if I have “grown up” with them. I thought it be fun to create something tangible as testament to the past decade of their careers.

This was, as you could call it, a “labor of love.”

So, as Dia Frampton of Meg & Dia is finally unleashing her first EP under ARCHIS today, a project paired with film composer Joseph Trapanese, I thought it would be nice to “travel down memory lane” and remember what it has taken her within the past years to get to the point she is at today.

And, of course, this wouldn’t have been possible without manager Mike Kaminsky–for both me and them. So, I’d just like to give my thanks for being my leg into approaching this story. Little 13-year-old me would have never expected to have been able to write a story like this.

So, here it is! I unleash to you, “The Beast of Burden,” in a nice, downloadable PDF file, created by my older brother, Anthony Cauilan: “The Beast of Burden” by Rachel Ann Cauilan

Enjoy. I’d love to hear all of your thoughts, comments, feedback, critique, or just random musings about the band or me or your own pursuits of your passions or Ryan Gosling. Anything goes here. And thank you again! ❤

THE BEAST OF BURDEN: The Story of Meg & Dia Frampton and the Music Industry

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30 responses to “The Beast of Burden: The Story Behind Meg & Dia Frampton


  2. Pretty amazing. Though I don’t see as much of you in it as usual. I guess bc it’s a biography of sorts. Really like how Mike is tied into the story.

    • No problem. I thought it was pretty interesting. It had some insights into the music industry that I didn’t know about.

    • It’s just… like we’ve been with them for so long, you know? Just hoping for them to succeed and they’ve worked so hard for so long and
      You’re also a good writer which helps

      • Dude, totally… It’s such a nostalgic story. The memories. The journey. The hardship. Been through all those moments with them, in some small weird way.

        Thank you for reading. I’m glad it resonated with you in some way. :’)

  3. That was quite a read. Long-form? Check. Narrative story? Check. Fan-girling while interviewing? ______.

    That was really good! The stories were interesting. The formatting was awesome. The writing itself was nicely flowing from quoting the interviewee, to your flourishes of what happened next or an afterthought.

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  18. Omg what a beautiful publication/article!

    I wanna see more if this stuff, young lady! 😤You’ve been depriving the world of your journalistic prose for far too long.

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