Rachel Plays “The Old Guitar” in the Summer of 2013

Sometime back in the summer of 2013, I returned home to meet up with a local East Coast artist named Corey Paneheart, who has a lovely video series called The Old Guitar (a project in which he gets many different musicians from across the nation to play a tune on his “old guitar”). I agreed to meet up during his visit in San Francisco–right when I returned home from my second year at UC Irvine–and played the Old Guitar!

Albeit, I was a child at the time time and this video almost makes me cringe at how awkward I felt/looked while playing this song (obviously I wasn’t used to being recorded by someone else), but, it just goes to show how much growth can happen in just a few years.

I ended up really enjoying this video. Thanks Corey!

Me on the Old Guitar. Summer of 2013.

Me on the Old Guitar. Summer of 2013.


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