Fleetwood Mac goes “On with the Show”

Fleetwood Mac on their

Fleetwood Mac on their “On With The Show” Tour, live at The Forum, Inglewood, CA. 4/14/2015.

There’s a reason why a band like Fleetwood Mac has been able to persist throughout the decades.

Whether you’re drawn to Stevie Nicks, wrapped in her silk shawl or tambourine in hand who goes into an ethereal trance, bringing you into her world of “Rhiannon” or “Gold Dust Woman;” Lindsey Buckingham, whose delicate finger work and angsty guitar playing brings a raw and haunting energy to “Big Love” and “Tusk;” Mick Fleetwood, who drives the momentum of the band from the back, silently thundering through his drums only to bring an overwhelming amount of pounding energy (even sneaking a silly face or two); Christine McVie, with her soulful and passionate piano tunes like “You Make Loving Fun” and “Little Lies,” who invites the band into the feel-good loveliness that is pop; or John McVie who consistently keeps his bass throughout.

The band is living proof that the world of the ’70s and ’80s is still very present, well into 2015.

It’s always been a dream of mine to witness the magical and mystical, swoon worthy, powerful souls that make up Fleetwood Mac. And, for the first time in decades, the five-piece band is back, complete with the five original band members. And the energy has never been better for Mac.

The band played all their greatest hits and classics, opening with “The Chain” into “You Make Loving Fun,” then into “Dreams” and “Rhiannon,” “Tusk,” “Big Love” and “Landslide,” into “Gypsy,” “Gold Dust Woman,” then “Little Lies”… Their music has transcended all genres and decades, it’s insane how many souls they’ve touched with their songs.

As Stevie mentioned a time in her life when she was in San Francisco and visited a grungy old costume shop where all the “cool” rock stars of the ’70s shopped at, she realized something–the place, called The Velvet Underground, was the place where Janis Joplin had been. She could feel her energy and was so taken aback by the magical aura of that store, breathing the same air that Joplin had breathed.

She recited, “Everybody has a velvet underground. And in this insane, crazy world today, don’t ever let anybody get in your way. Follow your passion, get out there and do it, if you’re old, if you’re young, if you’re middle-aged–it doesn’t matter. Go out there and do what you love because–you know what? That’s all there is. So go back to the velvet underground and stay there!”

She went on to play “Gypsy.”

The night showed that the energy of Mac is still there. The natural charisma, magic and original power felt between the bandmates showed throughout their performance as their songs were cohesive, strong and still very resonant.

Stevie brought her gypsy soul, even with her weathered age; Christine, with her husky voice, was able to still manage; Mick and John were consistent; but Lindsey stole the show with his surprising energy and angst brought into everything he did on that stage.

So, here I will share with you some of my footage of the legendary, the mystical, the magical and ever-so-timeless Fleetwood Mac.

And, as a 22-year-old old soul stuck in a young body, it is very hard to find some diehard fans of Mac (or any other band of the ’70s or ’80s) who would be willing to drop some money to see this legendary band (so thank you Brenda).

So, “Take care of yourselves,” as Mick proudly recited at the end of the show. “And most importantly, in this extremely crazy world we seem to be living in, be so kind to one another and remember we love you so very much.”

I love you too, Fleetwood. Thank you for creating such beautifully transcendent music that moves and grooves throughout the ages, touching wild souls, young and old, with something true and dear to the heart (or at least mine).


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