Meg Frampton’s return to music with “Say I Said Yes”

“Through all my new experiences in jewelry and ‘side man’ gigging for other artists, I could never quite put the quiet voice inside of me to rest,” Meg Frampton writes to her subscribers, “the voice that told me to write, sing, and record, and finally share it with everyone.”

It’s been a long time coming for Frampton, the self-called quirky jewelry designer behind Chandler the Robot, writer and hustling musician.

Frampton had co-fronted the pop-rock band Meg & Dia with her younger sister for the better half of her career, having released four full-length albums under both indie and major labels and having toured with bands such as Angels & Airwaves, The Fray and Blake Shelton. She had then spent a great deal of her later years soul-searching, finding herself dabbling into copper and wire to make jewelry from the soul for people’s consumption.

Though, music has always been at the root of Frampton’s art. Her new song, “Say I Said Yes,” is a strong reminder of her musical prowess.

Featuring a simple, driven guitar track with her boyfriend’s drum tracks, mixed and mastered by a trusted friend, the song is infectiously upbeat.

Frampton writes of finding safety in her relationship, singing, “I don’t need a lot to show you that I love you.” There’s a sense of triumph and uplift felt in the song, as it journeys the everyday struggles and worries one may feel while going on in life.

But, as she confidently sings, “Let it go don’t worry about us ’cause we’ll be fine.”

It seems that the extended wait from Frampton’s songwriting and dive into her soul-searching has put her in a better place to approach her music.

She seems to be more than ready now. And I’m sure we’re all excited to get on that boat, once again.

Power on. Say yes. And do you. As Frampton has seemed to show me, there’s no other way to live.

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