AUG 2015: My Next (Postgrad) Move + “The Moon Song”

Earlier this past week, I fell into a mini crisis where I didn’t know what to do with my postgrad plans.

I hurt my head on making the decision to take on internships located on opposite ends of California, and I tried to weigh the pros and cons of moving home or moving to LA. I was accepted two job offers and realized that the hard part wasn’t in landing the job or internship–it was in choosing the one you feel is worth your time and experience.


I found myself asking myself questions like, “What do I want?” and “Am I really willing to hustle for rent money?”

Out of desperation, I texted an old teacher-friend of mine for her opinion. I also messaged a music-mentor-friend of mine from LA on advice on moving back home, moving out to LA and managing to keep your passions alive. Albeit, what they said was reassuring. (It’s amazing how you can already know things within yourself, but you won’t believe it until you hear it from someone else.)

In the attempt to keep my “vlogging” thing on a roll (and speak with you all “face to face”), I recorded a new video of me talking out my “next move” and near-future plans. In this very weird, transitionary moment, I compiled a couple of notes I have been attempting to follow myself in order to live my life in a way that 1) still progresses my career, and 2) still follows my passions.

Take this with a grain of salt, but here’s what I’ve realized:

Keep in touch with mentors in your life whom you can look up to, and lean on.
You can be surprised at how much some people are willing to help, lend a hand, or even offer you career guidance–especially if they’re involved in a career you are interested in. More than anything, they have an abundance of knowledge and experience that can help you feel a little more sure about your situation.

Move out when you’re sick of it.
I’ve realized that if you’re not entirely “sick” of being in one place, you may have a good thing going on. The moment you start to feel sick and restless is the moment you know you need to move. Why? Because you’ve realized you’ve gotten all you could have gotten out of your current situation.

Save money. Raise funds.
It’s a little sad how money limits our ability to freely move, huh? Let your money allow you to do the things you want to do.

Take the time to learn something new.
This is a great time for you to learn things outside of your direct craft. Take up a new hobby, hone in on your craft, find your voice. This is your time to be “young, wild and free” and you should do everything your heart desires!

Get creative.
So long are the days of writing papers, attending classes, going to club meetings and doing things for so many different people! This is the time to refocus the energy on yourself. Spend your time doing what you really want to do, and spend it with the people you care about. This is also the time you can get serious about what you love and practice, practice, practice!

Be at home.
With everything I have just said above, take the time to really value what you do have. Find a place where you can feel “at home” and contribute your best self. When you’ve had your fill, have comfort in the idea that nothing lasts forever and everything is temporary. So appreciate the moment while it’s here.

I’m no expert, and I probably have no idea what the heck I am doing right now, but if I have learned anything about myself, it is that I work best when I work for myself. If I am always doing the things I love and am engaging with projects I am passionate about, I’m sure I can get by–and I’m sure you can, too.

So, since I’m still new to this vlogging thing… How are you all handling postgrad? Or how did you handle it, if you’ve already been through it? Advice, thoughts, ramblings and even frustrated confessions or resonating thoughts are welcome. (I, and I am sure many others as well, could use some guidance.)

New things are a’coming, and I am just grateful to have these opportunities I am given, and also have the freedom to move and be as I wish.

Be well. Be honest. Love openly. Live passionately.


4 responses to “AUG 2015: My Next (Postgrad) Move + “The Moon Song”

  1. Definitely on the same boat as you! Postgrad have been such a challenge, and I’m a little glad that I’m not alone on this, hahaha. How’s vlogging working for you creatively? I was thinking of starting it but I’m not sure if I’m really cut out for it (camera shy and all). Hope all is well!

    • I figure everything’s a learning experience. Vlogging is definitely something different from what I’ve done, but I’m sure the more I keep at it, the better I’ll get and the more I’ll get the hang of it!

  2. As someone who has been on that boat for a few years now, the best thing I can say based on everything you said and my personal experience, don’t get comfortable. For a good year, I got way too comfortable at home and didn’t really do anything. My relationship went downhill, I settled for a dead-end part-time job, and I wasn’t doing anything with my photography. It took a couple of months to get out of that comfort zone; and that’s only because I really pushed hard to get out of it. It’s been almost three years since I graduated and I still live at home; which not a bad thing at all and I thank my family for being so supportive. But also, I now have a well paying job, I learned to make time for my friends and family, my photography is doing wonderfully (to the point where people are using my work as shirts and posters), and I’m exploring new ventures. And as long as I keep myself active and keep doing something, much like you said, then I wont get too comfortable like I once did and lose focus. So I think you should just stay on your toes, keep moving forward, and most importantly, try new things. There’s no way to expand yourself if you don’t do something new. Just a little something from a fellow postgrad.

    • Thank you for sharing this Jessy. I really took it to heart. (Comfort’s the devil! Haha.) But it’s so nice to know that even though you’re still living at home, you’ve been able to get out of your rut and do what you love–and see waves starting to follow! I’m sure that there are many opportunities for me back home; I just have to stay on my toes, like you said. As long as I keep working towards what I love and keep doing things, I’m sure I will be alright.

      The tendency to stay put and get comfortable is the only thing holding me back. So I’ve just gotta keep checking up on myself!

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