OCT 2015: A Message From Me To You

When the seasons change, it can get very easy to fall into a routine.

I’ve found that we all need a little pep talk from time to time, so naturally, I turned to talking to myself to re-excite myself! (Let’s just hope that something can come out that can be of any relevance, to you or to me.)

So, I may not know much and I may be at the beginning of my journey, but if I have learned anything, it is to:

Work hard.
Make smart moves.
Fix yourself along the way.

If that did not help, I’d like to know! What’s your advice?

With love,


Also, for more “5 things I have learned about postgrad,” read my blog post here.


4 responses to “OCT 2015: A Message From Me To You

  1. Regarding #5, My saying, when I was your age. was “I’m young, single and looking for adventure.” Now I say, “I’m older, married, and paying a mortgage.” Live life to the fullest.

  2. Just found you when I was trying to learn Lost Stars today. There’s something about you that feels really good. I mean, that attitude. I gotta say it’s a bit inspiring. Like, you don’t know how to work without passion in that “next move” video. I always consider that to be a good thing, though I’m pretty worried about myself too. Well, it’s always nice to know someone who’s also trying to follow her heart. It’s nice to know that we’re not alone, or rather, to be reminded once in while. Thank you for the inspiration!!

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