You Give Me That “Wicked Love” (Kate Earl Cover)

Warm cups. Cool weather. Brisky leaves and jazzy tunes.

You’ve gotta love those perfectly lazy days when you wake up at the crisp of morning, well-rested and snuggled up in all your fuzzy blankets with the rest of the day to seize.

I’ll admit, I’ve never worked a day in my life. I’ve grown up a goody-two-shoes, being a good student while busying myself with countless volunteer, extra-curricular and freelance activities my whole life (my childhood consists of cultural dancing, online blogging, leading student cultural organizations and contributing articles to college publications). I’ve only ever known how to do what I love and love what I do at the same time.

So as I’m wearing the hat of a part-time barista part-time struggling writer/blogger/musician/guitarist/soul searcher at the moment, I am just going to focus on creating more content that I love to share with you all (and hope something can come from it along the way).

Over the years, I have received some of the kindest messages, comments and support from followers and long-time Internet friends. When I had a little breakdown the other week, one of your messages almost saved me. I’ve realized that at a time when one can feel at their lowest–as if their work doesn’t matter and will get them nowhere–your message and support really helps keep one going. It’s amazing. It reminded me that my work can actually affect other people–inspire or help another soul. And that’s what I’ve loved about this whole thing.

It’s all about creating a community full of love, inspiration and empowerment. (Also, thank you Riff Wars on Instagram for recently featuring one of my guitar posts. I went from a mere 900 or so followers to now over 1k which, may not mean a lot and I hate to feel giddy over, but it just shows how the power of social media can connect you with other music loving souls!)

So, as I spend my lazy day with countless cups of tea beside a plugged-in guitar and nowhere to be, I hope you enjoy this simple one-take recording I’ve done of one of my favorite musicians (and one of my favorite songs, ever), Kate Earl. I’ve played this one many times throughout the years (and even recorded a full vocal cover of it in secret, which I dare not share with you all… in time).

“An avalanche of pain is a funny way to show you care
But cursed love is worth it when I see you lying there
I’ve given on to hold you one more time before you’re gone 
But you stay out of reach enough to keep me at your palm”

With love and warmth.


3 responses to “You Give Me That “Wicked Love” (Kate Earl Cover)

  1. This is definitely one of my favourite songs of hers. So soulful and beautiful. I love your cover, you can totally tell your “in it”.

    • Aww I’m glad you love it. And my cover! I’ve always loved how much soul and feeling is in this song… One of those songs you can just play and get lost in and groove with! 😊

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