Improv-ing On “In Your Atmosphere” (John Mayer Cover)

When a lot’s been going on, it’s hard to keep up with yourself. But trust, the music never stops!

When I don’t play music for a long time, whether it’s recording a video, sharing a snippet on Instagram or learning something new, a part of me feels like a failure.

I have the incessant need to grow–to improve, to get better, to learn, to always be moving and growing and progressing at whatever it is I’m doing. And when it comes to guitar, I hate knowing that I’m not consistently playing.

The other day, I stumbled on a short 15-second video of a random Instagrammer playing John Mayer’s “In Your Atmosphere.” I fell completely in love with the sound–the smooth tone, soft undertones, nice harmonics and relaxed, somewhat melancholic feel.

I find it pretty rare to come across a song that just gets you musically and makes you want to pick up your guitar, tune it into its proper tuning and jam out.

I didn’t spend too much time learning the actual Mayer tune and instead vibed and grooved with the main riff, adding a bunch of my own little finger work into this video.

Think of it as a nighttime, midday jam to tune in and tune out.

I hope you enjoy.

With love and honesty,



3 responses to “Improv-ing On “In Your Atmosphere” (John Mayer Cover)

  1. Hey, Rachel. Just wondering how come you never sing while playing guitar. No offense. Just think that’d be great to watch. And maybe I’m trying to find something to ask you…

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