MAR 2016: Vlog on Being Creative

In the past couple of months, I’ve gone through various ups and downs with being and staying creative. I’ve picked up my guitar, played a song, felt it hit or miss and shared it or stashed it. I’ve made songs and recordings that never felt good enough to put up. And the same goes for my writing.

Sometimes I feel as if I’m in searching for what it is that I want to say. I struggle with finding a story, finding what it is that I want to talk about, and so I resort to the things and people and stories that intrigue and inspire me the most (that is, after all, where it all began).

I thought I’d share with you this quick thought on creativity and how I’ve found that it all thrives on LOVE–giving it, receiving it, and feeling as if you are a part of something.

We all want to love. And for artists, our art is our way of giving our love. You, as the audience and the listeners and the readers and the community that we are a part of, respond to us. And that makes our creative hearts so warm!

I turned 23 almost a week ago, and a lot has been running through my mind as it forces you to recollect on your year and where you are in your life.

I’m just in a period of absorption. But I’m learning more and more everyday about what fuels my fire, my place in the world and the people around me, and perhaps what sounds make me groove the most!

You’ve just gotta keep doing what you’re doing and allow things to follow on their own.

How do you stay creative? Where do you find your inspiration? How do you write your story?

With love and honesty.


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