‘Vinyl’ recreates the birth of disco with DJ Cassidy’s “Kill The Lights” (Music Video)

In 1970s New York, underground street parties and night clubs were oozing with soul. DJs played Latin soul and African-American hip hop records on turntables. Clubs were packed and steaming with noise. It was a huge love-fest — at least, that’s what DJ Cassidy’s new disco anthem “Kill The Lights,” which premiered in Sunday night’s episode of Vinyl, made it seem like.

The transition from the bluesy “safari” rock that once thundered the infamous Latin club that Clark (Jack Quaid) was first introduced to by mailman friend Jorge (Christian Navarro) left a couple eye raises in last night’s episode. But when the clubgoers got into the rhythm and began to create their own style, disco was literally born.

“Creating a club anthem inspired by the early 1970s era in which Vinyl takes place hit my soft spot,” Cassidy told EW. “The dance music that came out of New York City during that time exuded a spirit, emotion, and energy like no other.”

And that energy was clearly felt in the episode.

In an utterly raw moment when Clark entered the club — knowingly an outsider in a predominantly black club — he gazed at the life and culture around him in wonder. He knew there was an untapped market. And when he brought in the new disco record from his label to try in the club, the entire mood of the room changed.

Listen to DJ Cassidy’s collaboration with powerhouse vocalist Alex Newell (Glee) and legendary soul producer Nile Rodgers bring that era to life with “Kill The Lights,” below. The track is also available to purchase from Vinyl‘s EP Vol. 1.9.


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