Just Stop: Dreamers & Realists

Sometimes the best conversations happen off camera, but with Just Stop, we’ve attempted to bring our revelations in love, life and the hereafter to you, the viewer, and attempt to make it into something viewable for you all.

Patricia has always been a believer in dreams and in following your heart–sometimes to the point of neglecting all rationale. We’ve always been big dreamers and idealists together, but I’ve always had the tendency to think my decisions through before taking action. Rather than going full-fledged with my heart, I like to meet my heart with my head.

In this episode, Patricia grills me and asks if I’d rather be with a dreamer or a realist–someone similar to or different from me.

Side note: I’ve always been attracted to people whom I’ve admired–people who I saw pieces of myself in, in some weird way, or who evoked parts of myself I wanted to be or unlock.

I think that initial attraction happens because there is a mutual sense of understanding of each other. The universe draws two souls who are more similar than we thought together–to grow from and with each other.

What do you think? Would you rather be with a dreamer or realist? Or are we just too young and naive? Thoughts, musings and shared revelations appreciated. ❤

Follow Rachel on Instagram at @rachelcansea and Patricia at @pattybananacakes.


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