When I “Drive” Myself, My Light Is Found (Incubus Cover)

I was only fourteen when I learned “Drive” by Incubus.

“What song should I use for prayer?” I asked my older brother as I scoured my then iTunes library for a song to present in class for my Catholic high school.

The warm, clear-cut vocals of Brandon Boyd singing about uncertainty, fear and to “hold my own and drive” hit an instant chord with me.

That instantly recognizable guitar riff as Boyd preached about taking control of your life was something my young self gravitated towards.

It’s strange how the older you get, the more you realize how songs your young self loved can actually hit hard at a moment it first becomes relevant.

The moment you first fell in love; the moment you first felt heartbreak; the moment you first felt lost in your life; or the moment you wanted to let go and “drive”?

Naturally, I decided to revisit this song during last week’s Indian Summer in California. Here’s my one-take recording taken on my iPhone of me just jamming and playing and humming along…

With love and honesty,



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