“From Where I’m Standing,” Seven Years Later (Cover by Rachel & Giann)


One hallow’s eve seven years ago, my friend Giann and I decided we were “too cool” to trick-or-treat and spent our night in playing mellow mood music.

Earlier this summer we reunited, caught up and played a song or two. Naturally, after talking of how much we’ve grown and changed and (visibly) matured, we revisited this song and was astonished by the chills we got from just hearing us play it again.

“Ooooh!” she said as we squirmed, chills running down our spine as my familiar chord progression and her breathy voice filled the room.

“I know people talk about having chills from playing old songs all the time, but I have never experienced that until now,” I remember telling her.

There’s something so so strange about a song, sharing that song with somebody, and hearing you two play it again (sounding so much older and so much more mature), that gives you a weird feeling.

From then and ’til now, here’s “From Where I’m Standing,” revisited.


Rachel & Giann (@rachelcansea & @ayanagiann)


2 responses to ““From Where I’m Standing,” Seven Years Later (Cover by Rachel & Giann)

  1. And by the way… I kinda felt to mentions that there’s a singing program that I felt was very unique. Cause once you mentioned in the reply that your singing’s terrible or something. I don’t know if it’s something you’d be interested in at all, but I just feel to share. It’s called “Sing with Freedom”. And I can even send you the videos if you’re interested. It’s really good, from my perspective. I just want to at least try to tell you or offer that. Admire you so much…

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