Maggie Rogers delivers promising future with “Dog Years”

After the release of her standout single “Alaska” last summer — which received Pharrell Williams’ very public approval — the release of a follow-up track has been long anticipated.

As with any second single, it can be a hit or miss. It can solidify the potential success or fall out of any new artist. But with Maggie Rogers’ second track “Dog Years,” she still remains reminiscent of all that electro-pop, folk-dance goodness we loved in “Alaska,” only solidifying herself as an artist to watch. And to keep watching.

Filmed by Zia Anger at Wohelo Camps in Maine (who also directed her first video for “Alaska” released last October), the video for “Dog Years” is a tribute to summer camp and “friends that weather the weather,” she noted in a Facebook announcement.

The track is lush, full of folk imagery and smooth house elements with a driving backbeat. But in the second track, Rogers’ vocals seem to become more apparent. Her range as a vocalist comes at full force throughout the chorus as she breathily sings, “Come what may, I’ll still stay / Inside your mind, For all of time / Singing, ooh.”

Her knack for songwriting and imaginative soundscape is making the world fall in love.

There aren’t a lot of artists I find whose genuine intent is to make good, honest music that comes from the heart and soul. Rogers is a standout simply because she is able to evoke her unique experiences, life and upbringing into her artistry — something that not many may brave, or even know how to do.

“Come what may, we will be alright,” for sure.

Download or stream ‘Dog Years’ by Maggie Rogers:

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