Embracing Change this “Last Christmas” (Wham! Cover)

What a crazy time of the year. The end of 2016 is approaching; Mercury Retrograde is in full effect; I quit my job; I just returned from my long overdue 10-day getaway trip; and I’m beginning to embrace new changes, challenges, careers and potentially new chapters in my life.

There are lots of covers I wish to finish recording and uploading for you all, but here’s one for the time being. One of my favorite holiday tunes by the lovely Wham! (my heart for the 80s is so strong). I sat down with this for about an hour or two earlier this week to attack a finger-style version for you all.

Maybe you’re feeling lost or maybe you’re found, but take the time to connect this year. Reconnect with your love, your loved ones, love for others and for yourself. The best you can do is give your best self to the world. Sending you all my deepest love, light and warmth this holiday season. (A new update with greater detail coming soon.)

Happy holidaze, friends! ❤️

P.S. Shout out to my lovely Ryan Gosling in the back. With all the prior calendars and photos throughout the years, he never disappoints to make it a good one.


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