On Love and Opening Up

I’ve never been one to let myself simply feel happy or content with the things in my life.

I’m always searching, hoping and dreaming for something more… Maybe something “better” or something I do not have. Something I may not even know that I’m looking for.

But for once in my life, I can admit to myself that I want to love. I want to open myself up to love.

And can I just admit to myself: you make my heart so damn happy.


“I was going to choose a picture of you playing guitar, but when I think of you, I see you thinking and dreaming.” By @pattybananacakes.

When past lovers and friends were shooed away in constant danger of “Heartbreak Rachel” — a Rachel who so blissfully lived in her own world and mind that her dreams took over her life — it takes a special something, or someone, to change that.

A mirror? A reflection, perhaps?

Maybe someone who can see you for you and can understand your world. And maybe you can understand theirs, too.


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