“City Of Stars,” Are You Shining Just For Me? (“La La Land” Cover)

Well, it’s been a long time coming…

Happy 2017 friends, lovers, followers and fellow dreamers! The new year is a great time for cleanse and renewal; for washing away the old and getting ready for the new; for ridding of any insecurities and acknowledging our desires to be better, feel better or do better — for ourselves and the universe.

If you haven’t known, I watched the movie La La Land a few weeks ago and instantly fell in love with it — to the point where I spent a whole week in my own “la la land.” (Yes, I probably get too unhealthily obsessed with movies and stories, but that’s the point, right? To become more aware of ourselves?)

I figure I’ve been doing this online thing for many years and safe to say, you all know I am no singer. You’ve probably been pretty curious about my voice and, through many years of secret recordings and bedroom demos, I’ve thrown in the towel and am unleashing my voice to you.

There’s something about sweet, poignant songs that say and feel much more than meets the eye… And with a song like “City Of Stars,” I couldn’t resist. As an overly ambitious soul who has turned herself away from love many times, this is a song and movie that gets to me — maybe a bit too much.

So, enjoy. Any words of wisdom, critique or feedback is always appreciated here. Because if we’re not always trying to learn and grow and progress, who are we?

With love and honesty. ❤


2 responses to ““City Of Stars,” Are You Shining Just For Me? (“La La Land” Cover)

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