Steady Holiday’s colorfully quirky new video for “When I See Color” (Music Video)


Dre Babinski, better known as Steady Holiday, teamed up with the filmmakers from OMG Everywhere and After-School All-Stars to make the music video for her song “When I See Color.”

The Los Angeles-based indie pop singer-songwriter, violinist and guitarist’s colorfully quirky music video is presented by WHITELIST and made by OMG LA, a nonprofit that hosts free film workshop for kids.

Known for her sweet and somewhat melancholic melodies, Steady Holiday was named Best Solo Artist by LA Weekly last year. Her LP Under The Influence was also named one of the top 100 best albums of 2016 by Bandcamp.

I was able to see her on tour with Mitski earlier this year.

Watch the video and see color in “When I See Color” below:

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