Maggie Rogers reimagines debut hits in Tiny Desk Concert


Get ready to get vulnerable, because Maggie Rogers’ stripped down Tiny Desk Concert is just as heartwarming as her breakout moment with Pharrell.

Maggie Rogers is one of those few artists whose music seriously takes you to another place. Dreamy and ethereal where folk imagery matched with the release of electronic dance meet is no better way to describe her music, and I am in love with the way she’s reimagined her already amazing songs.

Rogers has had a wild year: she signed with a label, toured extensively for the past nine months and released a five-song EP Now That The Light Is Fading. Inspired by nature and the pure release of dance, she performed the three best-known songs off her EP — “On + Off,” “Dog Years” and the breakout “Alaska.”

Watch her beautifully lush Tiny Desk Concert debut presented by NPR Music below:


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