Up Against The Wall While I’m “Reinventing Your Exit” (UnderOATH Cover)

I’ve been feeling a little crazy lately — out of sorts, not myself, overwhelmed with work, suffocating my sanity and creativity. The list goes on and on…

Finding yourself in a new city and new town with new people, jobs and responsibilities can get a little overwhelming. Just like figuring how out how to find a cheap bed from a local student and tying it to my car all the while while deciding what to eat and who to lean on have been some of the littler worries.

Every single person I’ve met out here has told me it’s taken them around two years to fully get “comfortable” in their new city. Two years? It took me two years to adjust to being comfortable back home after college (and after that, I up and left).

This song by UnderOATH has seriously always been one of my favorites. My little 16-year-old self would secretly record herself singing this in quiet (which is probably nothing like the original because I cannot scream for my dear life, nor would I really want to). But, it always stuck with me…

I decided to record this in one-take out of sheer desire to play, record and write again, simply because I’ve been feeling a little out of sorts and have had overdue blog posts, video blogs and cover songs to finish that I never got around to… To finding inspiration, motivation and the clarity to begin again. Here’s a start. I am no singer, but nothing to lose…

This is the way I would have done things
Up against the wall, up against the wall
You’ve got me up against your wall

With love and honesty,



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