Tom Misch’s “South Of The River” is a disco-infused love song (Music Video)

Tom Misch just dropped the video for his groovy track “South Of The River” — and it’s funky, fresh and delicious.

The 22-year-old London-based singer, producer and multi-instrumentalist has created infectious grooves, licks, and soulful beats that contribute to his infamous jazz mets hip-hop sound. A funky bassline, groovy melody and neo-soul instrumentation in his single exemplifies his very melodic and emotive approach to music, which has created a wave of viral frenzy as fans all over the world have dug his “soulful electronic” sound.

Those feel-good sentiments are found in his new video, entirely made up of fan-sent clips.

I want to stay south of the river
With the chains and the gold
We could be out here together
But, you have places to go

Watching the sunshine blaze the gray
I don’t know why you wouldn’t stay
You should come south of the river
Where the loving is gold

You should come south of the river
This is where it all starts
I think that we could stay here forever
Lie on the roof ’til it’s dark

Who else is looking forward to the day Misch comes around and gets a full band to tour live?

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