“Surrender” (Original Song by Rachel Ann Cauilan)

It’s been a long time coming.

For any of you who have followed me for a long time, you would know that I’ve hinted at originals for so long. I decided to release and record a demo of one of the first songs I ever wrote… and stuck with.

Any thoughts would be appreciated. Stay ’til the end for a footnote!

Heat pulsing through my veins
The eyes of a stranger
Turn my head away
Smile so tender

‘Cause you’ve got that look in the crowd
Makes me wanna surrender
Feeling so cool when you look my way

You weren’t looking for love
And that’s how you found me
I’m taking my chances
Not apologizing

‘Cause you’ve got that look in the crowd
Makes me wanna surrender
Feeling so cool when you look my way

With love and honesty,



2 responses to ““Surrender” (Original Song by Rachel Ann Cauilan)

  1. This is one of your best vocal performances yet, especially near the end. Your voice is getting stronger as you gain more confidence. Keep singing and playing. The composition was also good. First songs are often greatly inspired. My first song is still one of my favorites, composed on a warped, out of tune guitar I found in the basement of a beach house the morning after a romantic encounter (in said beach house). Song title, “You’re a Woman to Me.”

  2. First impression: i felt like i was in la la land, or transported back to an earlier time.

    Conjured images of a performance in an underground jazz venue where a couple encounters each other again for the first time after a pivotal moment. It portrays the part of hero’s journey between death/ the abyss and transformation, and begs for the femme or male fatale to atone for any wrongs or at least pause for a moment of clarity. The couples at the precipice of growth, individually and as a unit.

    At times i felt like the cadence was going to pick up. Particularly with the line “cause u got that look”. It jus sounded like the strumming would pick up for a beat or two.

    Proud of you

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