Twin Sister Rock Duo Nalani & Sarina is anything but “Young & Inexperienced”

Nalani & Sarina live at The Mint in Los Angeles, CA. 2/20/2018. (Photo: Sasha Krivtsov)

When it comes to East Coast versus West Coast, there’s something refreshing about two powerhouse sisters from New York who bring the energy, funk and heart of pop rock to Los Angeles.

Nalani & Sarina, two twins making solid funk meets pop-rock jams, bring the energy and heat to their live show.

Their latest single “Young & Inexperienced” is an anthem for the student-debt generation. Billboard highlighted the song for young people “searching in vain for steady employment in the new gig economy.”

“Can’t get no job without experience
No experience without no job
It’s like no one takes me serious
Working hard ain’t hard enough

Can’t get no job without experience
You’re not qualified to play the part
Am I blind or just delirious
I’m much more than young and inexperienced”

Driven by heavy rock guitars, the girls are a voice for our generation. Confidently wielding their guitars, mics and occasionally jumping on the keyboard jamming with a full live band, Nalani & Sarina are incredibly exciting to see live. Fusing pop, soul, jazz and rock elements into their music, the two aren’t your average singer-songwriters. Their enthusiasm for music shows; their talent is undeniable; their onstage chemistry is intoxicating; and their Asian-American identities are just the cherry on top.

Nalani & Sarina live at The Mint in Los Angeles, CA. 2/20/2018. (Photo: Sasha Krivtsov)

“This is actually the first time we actually mentioned an ‘us’ in the song,” Sarina told Billboard. Nalani added, “We almost envisioned that whole section of the song as being about this underground basement of millennials. It’s really this point of being fed up.”

At only 24-years-old and having pursued music fresh out of high school, things are only looking up for the sister duo. “Young & Inexperienced” is available worldwide through Kobalt Music.

Keep up with Nalani & Sarina at or on social media at Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.


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