ROZZI gets heartbreakingly intimate in “Joshua Tree” (Music Video)

In a world where all pop music starts to sound the same, it’s refreshing to come across an artist who’s unrelenting honesty and penchant for acoustic music shines.

ROZZI — an artist who I first discovered after a small stint with Adam Levine on The Hunger Games soundtrack — has a voice full of soul and honesty that needs no bells and whistles. Her video for her newest single “Joshua Tree” is mesmerizingly intimate and beautiful (and I’d be lying if it didn’t break my heart, just a little).

In the video, ROZZI recounts the bittersweet memories and moments you have after a breakup. As she walks into a dive bar, old memories begin to flash and, what could have been seen as a cliche, the video takes a very artistic, tasteful and beautiful approach to something that feels veeringly familiar to all of us.

After spending her early career opening on massive tours for Maroon 5, “Joshua Tree” highlights the powerful and new direction ROZZI has paved for herself.

An extremely expressive and soulful artist born and bred in the San Francisco Bay Area, ROZZI is set to release her debut album Bad Together on Nov. 16, 2018.

“I wrote ‘Joshua Tree’ a week after my boyfriend and I broke up – it’s about trying to reconcile all the reasons we were together with all the reasons we ended it,” ROZZI told Earmilk. “It’s the most personal song I’ve ever written. So we made a personal video. Intimate and simple and full of the little moments you remember after a break up.”

Keep up with ROZZI on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Spotify.


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