Switchfoot unites fans in spirit at Ohana Fest 2018 with “Dare You To Move”

Just steps away from the beach and under a hazy Orange County sky, Jonathan Foreman of Switchfoot said:

“I look out at all of your eyes right now and I’m reminded of what an incredible thing it is to be human and to be alive right now. What a gift, right?”

As he played through the beginning riffs of their 2004 hit single “Dare You To Move,” he continued:

“If Ohana means family, we’re united right now by a bigger thing than just blood. We got spirit. Do you feel that? Are you feeling that Ohana? This one’s a dare.”

For San Diego natives Switchfoot, their arrival to Ohana Fest was a welcome one. The San Diego band had been on hiatus for quite some time, but their moving set — blending their classic 2000s hits (such as “Meant To Live”) and newer songs — truly enlightened (and brought myself to a moving tear).

The band, who is on to release a new album, seemed to be in high hopes with a genuine love for being present with the Ohana crowd. The surfer-friendly band joked with the crowd, as Jonathan even shouted out his brother Tom Foreman on the bass, saying that he’s the better surfer. Overall, the band’s music, much about uplift, hope and perseverance through struggles, inspired the crowd, as they sang newer songs “I Won’t Let You Go,” “Holy Water” and “Hope Is The Anthem.”

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