I’ll Be Your Whatever You Want, “Cannonball” (The Breeders Cover)

Channeling my inner 90’s child. 💣

This 1993 alternative rock anthem from The Breeders was and still is iconic of its time. Almost seen as the band’s “one hit wonder,” The Breeders was The Pixies’ Kim Deal’s side project after some inner-band disagreements. The song, which made the US Hot 100 (something the Pixies never did) was a huge success — and that bass line still gets stuck in my head.

I definitely do not have a bass of my own (and my “fake bass” line is almost atrocious in this recording), but here’s a fun little jam.

“I know you little libertine
I know you’re a cannonball
I’ll be your whatever you want
The bong in this reggae song”

Hope you enjoy!


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