Ten Years and Half a Million Views Later

I just realized my YouTube has had up to HALF a MILLION views across my channel since starting it 10 years ago. I never had any intention for it except to post these recordings somewhere online as a 15-year-old emo teen who loved her guitar and wanted to post her music somewhere…

It may not sound like a lot in 10 years, but for me, that sounds like a HELL of a lot of views for just a girl and her guitar and her simple to desire to share.

Expansion and expanding.
Growth and growing.

I just wanted to share this as a thank you. Throughout the years and months and about every single week of the year, I have gotten at least one comment throughout on videos I’ve posted, people still seeing them, supporting, digging and grooving and vibing to some of the songs that have helped me, shaped me and got me through this funny thing called life, love, adolescence, my young adulthood and beyond.

If I’ve learned anything, life’s just about growing more and more into yourself. It’s about growing into your truth and accepting your truth and wholly believing in it and — most importantly — yourself! I’ve learned to just let go of all things that have held me back in the past, and just really live — something I see a lot in my younger self throughout these videos, a young, naive girl who was always a little unsure of herself but always so sure of her love of this thing called the guitar and music — what a trip it is to see that.

Thank you to you all for your constant support, wisdom and guidance after all these years. It’s been a trip growing up.

And if we’re being honest, music is supposed to fun, healing, and expressive, ya?

Here are a few of my favorite covers throughout the years. Hope you enjoy. ❤

With love and honesty,



4 responses to “Ten Years and Half a Million Views Later

  1. Wow! So crazy. So proud of you, Rach!

    *Andrew Kwan* *Founder & CEO *| Artist Management *vibez.management * | *LinkedIn* (510) 967-1595

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