Margot Robbie is me trying to eat all these ‘Hot Ones’ in new spicy-wing-eating interview

Margot Robbie talks about her rise to success while attempting “Hot Ones” challenge. (YouTube/Complex Networks/First We Feast)

I am such a fan of First We Feast’s Hot Ones challenges — mainly because my poor self cannot handle eating spicy food at all and, every once in a while, they get some amazing and inspiring celebrities on their show, all while trying to answer well-researched questions about themselves while the 10 wings increasingly get hotter and hotter.

In this very articulate and well-done interview hosted by Hot Ones’ Sean Evans, he introduces the Birds Of Prey star about her time as Harley Quinn on Suicide Squad to wearing multiple hats while acting and producing different films, such as her Oscar-winning performance in 2017’s I, Tonya.

“I am so scared,” Robbie, 29, mentioned. “I have the palate of a 4-year-old and grew up eating mashed potatoes. So my tolerance for spicy food is extremely limited.”

While the wings got hotter and hotter, Margot visibly started to sweat and vocalized her difficulty with the heat. Evans asked her about her prior days as a sandwich artist at Subway before she became the A-list celebrity she is (and I have to say, I share her sentiments about always being displeased with employee’s now preparing her food, instead of preparing it herself, i.e. me and my barista ways, ha).

Three wings in, Margot attempts her fourth and says, “I think this is the hottest thing I have ever eaten,” taking breaks in-between munches as Evans introduces Birds Of Prey and how deeply-invested Margot was in it, feeling how important it was to give Harley a girl squad.

He introduced the “birds” of Birds Of Prey, who each gave Margot a question of their own.

At this point, Margot’s “mouth is on fire” as she says, “I can barely concentrate,” and struggles to provide an answer.

The rest of the video deserves your attention as Margot shares tidbits from her life and reaches her breaking point by wing 8.

“Oh my fucking god. I think I might die,” she says. “It’s so spicy. Holy shit.”

Robbie’s co-stars Ella Jay Basco, Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Jurnee Smollet-Bell then join her in the last wing

As a fan, it is incredibly humbling to see Margot’s rise to success. Coming from humble roots on a farm in Australia, she seems like a girl like me not enamored by the world of Hollywood, and has proven her hard work ethic and talent, where her success is very much deserved.

Watch the video for Hot Ones below:

And, check out my review for Birds Of Prey here.

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