“Tooth & Nail” (From Cambodian Rock Band) (Dengue Fever Cover)

A little stripped-down harmonic piece from Cambodian Rock Band.

This was posted earlier this weekend on my Instagram, but thank you Jenapher Zheng (@jenapherzheng) and Kaitlyn Fee (@pressfae) for letting me be a part of this challenge! I have not seen @cambodianrockband myself, but I dig how monumental this show has become for the AAPI community, as well as for producing some amazing surf-style garage-rock jams fused with Khmer folk music that I’d live to see in person.

#CRBChallenge has been raising funds throughout the past week for our Black and Cambodian communities on GoFundMe at tinyurl.com/crbchallenge.

And it’s still not too late to send in any donations. I hope this cover alone can help grab your ears and attention.

Support, support. 🤍

With love and honesty,



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