“Take On Me” (From The Last Of Us: Part II) (A-ha Cover)

If you know, you know…

This sad girl version of “Take On Me” inspired from Ellie’s song to Dina in The Last Of Us: Part II just gets to me. I couldn’t help but want to learn this one myself and record an abandoned-esque video while home.

Hope y’all enjoy.

And have any of you finished or watched the game through? I have to say — my heart feels so heavy after having just watched the end. The game is a completely beautiful and brutal masterpiece, and it became so hard to watch. Thousands of stories out there, and nothing quite hits like this. Hbu?

Let me know if you have any requests and would like to hear anything else from me.

With love and honesty,


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Just leaving this here. 🌲🌲🌲

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3 responses to ““Take On Me” (From The Last Of Us: Part II) (A-ha Cover)

  1. So this is what a friend of the Frampton sisters is like!!! Always play your videos thru my high end audio system, the acoustic guitar sounds sooo good!

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